Spokane Sport Horse July Dressage

Below, you will find the images from the recent SSHF Dressage show. Please note that coverage of every test is NOT guaranteed unless coverage was pre-ordered before the event. Due to the difficult shooting conditions of changing light, I highly recommend purchasing editing if you purchase digitals. All prints and products include editing. Be aware that in order to get the images to you as quickly as possible, some "throwaway" pictures may have slipped through. Please carefully view images before purchasing, I recommend on a computer. If you have any questions, please contact Thank you!
Images are sorted by approximate time they were taken. If you would like your pictures sorted into your own gallery, please contact us. We would be happy to do it!

PLEASE do not screenshot the images from the galleries. This is my full time job and how I put food on the table for my little family. Thank you so much for your support!